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Marlboro, New York

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Cabinet Store, Inc. was founded in September of 1998 offering just one line of cabinetry serving the local Mid-Hudson Valley area. Today, Cabinet Store, Inc. offers a wide range of cabinetry, counter tops and services. Our cabinetry ranges from contractor’s grade basic box to full custom.

Every one of our product lines are factory direct, which means we can get your cabinetry and counter tops faster and for less than the big box stores. Our wide variety of products allows us to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here, there are no pushy sales people. We have a team of experienced designers that will assist you in finding and designing exactly what you’re looking for in your home or business.

Cabinet Store, Inc. is a one-stop-shop. With today’s busy life style and a market flooded with contractors and home improvement centers, who wants to be bothered with finding a carpenter, plumber, electrician, flooring or tiling contractor? Here at the Cabinet Store, we can save you the headaches of being your own general contractor. Let Cabinet Store, Inc. take care of your entire project and let us make the phone calls so you don’t have to. What ever it is you need, just let your designer know and we’ll take care of it.

We at Cabinet Store, Inc. are committed to customer satisfaction providing you with the best possible sales, product and service.